Coverings 2024

From 22 to 25 April, the world of tiles and wall coverings will gather in Atlanta for the highly anticipated Coverings 2024 trade fair. At this prestigious event, Eco Ceramica will be in the spotlight, presenting its unique and innovative creations at Stand #3991 in Hall B.

But what makes Eco Ceramica so special? Let's find out together. The company stands out for its philosophy that combines the importance of traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation.

Through long cycles of research and development, Eco Ceramica creates handmade handmade glazed terracotta and porcelain tiles.

Each tile is the result of a meticulous craftsmanship process, handed down from generation to generation, which blends harmoniously with the most modern production technologies. What makes Eco Ceramica's tiles so extraordinary is their unique and authentic nature.

Each piece is a work of art in itself, characterised by colour nuances and textures that reflect the craftsmanship of its creators. Glazed terracotta lends warmth and character to rooms, while handcrafted porcelain stoneware ensures strength and durability.

Eco Ceramica does not merely preserve the traditions of the past; on the contrary, it enhances them through constant innovation. Thanks to continuous research and development, the company is constantly introducing new techniques and materials to improve the performance and aesthetics of its tiles.

This approach allows Eco Ceramica to stay abreast of industry trends, offering its customers cutting-edge solutions that meet the most demanding aesthetic and functional needs.

In particular, some new collections in handmade and glazed terracotta were previewed for American customers during this very important event.

One of the most popular was certainly the Informale collection. This series, out of any scheme and standard of industrial ceramics, generates rooms with a unique, different and authentic personality. The series picks up on the ancient theme of graffito ceramics in that these tiles are worked by decorators before firing in order to obtain distinctive scratches, incisions and marks in the surface.

The same applies to the glazed terracotta tiles of the Lunar series, with their bright colours, never flat, but with an endless series of tones that match each other.

Eco Ceramica's participation in the Coverings 2024 trade fair represents an extraordinary opportunity to share their passion for design and quality craftsmanship with a vast international audience.

Stand #3991 will be the place where visitors can immerse themselves in the enchanting universe of Eco Ceramica tiles, exploring the different collections and being inspired by the beauty and versatility of their products.

In conclusion, Eco Ceramica proves that it is possible to combine the traditions of the past with the innovation of the present, creating unique and distinctive products that stand out for their timeless beauty and quality.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Stand #3991 in Hall B at Coverings 2024 and discover the exceptional world of Eco Ceramica tiles. We look forward to seeing you there!

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