From a passing place little aesthetic relevance to a room where design and practicality coincide, the bathroom in our homes has taken on an increasingly important value. If, moreover, floors, walls, furniture and bathroom fixtures are carefully selected, the bathroom can become an environment with unparalleled style and elegance where our guests are witnesses of the aesthetic care dedicated to our interiors. In this article we will explain how to choose your bagn o washbasin.

Space and style

First of all it is necessary to consider the spaces available and choose a sink of a size that is proportionate, so as not to have too large elements that weigh down the room or, on the contrary, that are lost in the vastness of the environment. Even the style of your bathroom will have to be taken into consideration and match that of the washbasin, blending perfectly with the rest of the furnishing elements, such as floors, walls and furniture.


The bathroom sinks on the market are made of various types of materials that differ in terms of resistance , cost and aesthetic quality . We list the main ones below:

  • Ceramic - The white ceramic washbasins they are the cheapest choice, in fact they offer good resistance to aggressive detergents, but also less flexibility in terms of size and colors. If you prefer to opt for a washbasin that stands out for its style and design, then the hand-modeled and hand-painted ceramic from the MaESTRI VASARI is the ideal choice.
  • Glass - Perfect for those looking for a bathroom sink with high aesthetic value, bright colors and particular shapes. For example, the glass washbasins of the MAESTRI VETRAI are handmade in Murano glass. Thanks to the rounded shapes of the blown glass and the colors reminiscent of the sea, they make any bathroom elegant and refined.
  • Cement-resin - The union of an industrial-inspired material like concrete with resin, it allows the creation of washbasins of various sizes with modern, linear shapes and a varied chromatic choice. The bathroom sinks of Eco Ceramica are made of concrete and resin MAESTRI DELLE FORME E DEI COLORI , available in a rainbow of colors.
  • Metal - Brass, copper and bronze metal: these are the main metals used for the creation of bathroom sinks. Certainly a washbasin of this type requires a room with a sophisticated design, whether it be in an industrial, rustic or modern style. Washbasins made of precious metals are always treated with anti-corrosion and anti-stain protection, thus avoiding oxidation and color change. I washbasins in copper, bronze and brass by Eco Ceramica are all hand-modeled by master craftsmen.


Obviously you must also consider the budget you have available. Since this is an important element, not only for furniture, but also for use, we recommend that you do not mind the expense of purchasing your washbasin, but choose a product of aesthetic and functional quality that will last you over time. 

Now that you have some more knowledge to buy the sink for your bathroom, browse the products below: artistic sinks of various colors, made with authentic materials.

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