Floral decorations - bring spring to your walls

flowers open their corollas and nature awakens, rediscovering the beauty of colors: has arrived spring and we can't wait to bring it inside the walls of the house with floral decorations !

When winter ends and finally scarves and jackets are put away in the closet, a period begins that for the whole world is a symbol of rebirth and hope .

Maybe it will be that the temperatures gradually increase, it will be that in the evening it gets dark later or it will be that we can spend more time outdoors, but it is inevitable that our mood will also be positively influenced by this wonderful season . Consequently, in this period we often tend to want to change not only our look, but also the interiors of our home.

What better time indeed to renew the tiles of your own < strong> bathroom or the kitchen ? Perhaps with floral prints and decorations in order to recreate a corner of spring perennial at home. Eco Ceramica offers countless stoneware tiles porcelain with floral decorations of all kinds, from stylized ones to fine and elegant graphic ones. For example, the floral decoration on tiles with majolica effect from the Maioliche Italiane is available in two versions as seen in the following image.

Set Liberty Majolica

Certainly the floral decoration in 60x120 cm format from the Melange series is able to create an atmosphere spring in any environment it is placed.

Ambientata Melange Fiore

Space Living Leaves Mix

In the same series we also find other decorations with flowers stylized embossed with metallic effect. For those who love flowers, but prefer to keep a certain geometry.

If hexagonal tiles are your passion, then give it a check out these with spring-inspired floral motifs from the Emotions series, a riot of flowers colored on an emerald green background.

Photos Emotions Liberty Flowers

The choice is yours! If one of these products has sparked your interest click on the relevant product below and read the technical details.

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