Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles - how and when to lay them

In this article you can find some basic information to understand the origins of mosaic tiles and the rooms where it fits better in your home, finally we give you some tips to understand how to easily lay mosaic tiles.

What are mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are an ancient polychrome technique by which littles tiles in various materials and colors are put together to form a certain artistic design. The use of tiles or fragments to form mosaics dates back to 3000 B.C., when the Sumerians used them to impregnate mud bricks on walls. Later the technique was also applied to the covering of floors to make them waterproof, first in Greece, then in Rome in the 4th century B.C. It was in the Roman-imperial period that mosaics experienced its moment of greatest success and expansion historically and artistically. While in some areas mosaics were gradually replaced by frescoes, in others it absorbed Arab-Norman influences, hence they consisted mainly of painted ceramic tiles. After a long historical period during which mosaic tiles were being used rarely, the early 1900s saw the revival of this technique, which was taken up by important artists, such as Antoni Gaudi and Gustav Klimt.

Mosaic tiles for kitchen walls

Now that you know where mosaic tiles come from, you just have to figure out which rooms are best to lay them in. Surely, we can recommend laying mosaic tiles in the kitchen, perhaps in the wall of the cooking area to embellish the stove. Alternatively, why not lay mosaic in the pantry wall as in this photo.

Tile sheet for bathroom

Of course, if we talk about rooms where to lay mosaic tiles, we cannot forget the bathroom. What better product to make the walls of your shower a little spa. We will be able to admire them while we take a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Even a strip of mosaic laid in the area above the sink, under the mirror, as in the following photo is certainly a detail that enhances the room.

Sheet of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles nowadays are no longer laid one by one, but they are placed in advance on a net of about 30x30 cm , the installer is consequently enourmously facilitated in his work. Certainly, mosaic tiles ensure a high visual impact, whether they are made of porcelain or glazed terracotta. At Eco Ceramica you can find many mosaic tiles on mesh, both in porcelain and glazed terracotta. Porcelain mosaic on mesh are formed by horizontally and vertically cutting a tile and placing the tiles on a mesh or sheet. The natural terracotta mosaic tiles of the micro ecologica series are formed in the same way. However, the production of the glazed terracotta mosaic tiles of "Le Miniature Ceramiche" is completely different. In this case, tiles are individually hand-molded one by one, then fired in a kiln and later glazed, annealed and then decorated by hand. Later all mosaic tiles are placed on sheets. Through these lengthy processe we create real mini works of art for your home walls.

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