Underfloor heating - Christmas with your feet warm on Eco stoneware

If you plan to renovate your heating system , also thanks to the state incentives contained in the < strong> Ecobonus , underfloor heating is the ideal choice as it increases living comfort and energy and economic savings . Alongside the various positive advantages, which we will list below, often follows the question of what is the best material for a floor with underfloor heating. In this article you will find information on which lines of floors by Eco Ceramica are most suitable for this type of heating.

Underfloor heating: how it works

The underfloor heating system is placed entirely under the flooring and works thanks to the propagation of heat by radiation , allowing rooms to be heated with a low energy content. In fact, the water temperature is much lower than that of a traditional boiler, resulting in considerable energy savings . The maximum temperatures of a floor system are in fact 35/40 degrees, compared to the 70 degrees of the old radiators.

The advantages of underfloor heating

  • Energy savings thanks to lower water temperatures
  • Economic savings thanks to lower boiler consumption
  • More constant and uniform temperature
  • More space in the room without the clutter of radiators
  • Sporadic maintenance
  • Ideal for health

As you can see, there are many the advantages of underfloor heating. The energy saving and economic both derive from the possibility of maintaining a boiler temperature of only 30/40 degrees. This also allows the use of renewable energies such as solar energy. By avoiding the clutter of radiators on the walls, you have greater freedom in the arrangement of spaces and furnishings, therefore ideal for small spaces.

These systems also have various health benefits . In fact, thanks to the diffusion of heat by radiation, the creation of dust capable of causing allergies is avoided. Furthermore, the absence of differences in temperature and humidity between the rooms prevents the growth of mold and mites.

Which floor to choose

The most frequently asked question when deciding to installing underfloor heating depends on the type of floor to be installed. Surely, the main parameter to take into consideration is that the material has a thermal resistance higher than 0.15 m2K / W.

The transmittance of the material varies depending on the two factors:

  • Thickness
  • Thermal conductivity

For example, marble and granite have excellent thermal conductivity, but usually have very high thicknesses, thus limiting the ability to transmit heat into the home environment . On the other hand, wood conducts less heat, but has a much lower thickness. Since wood is a natural material that is very susceptible to heat, many do not recommend it for underfloor heating.

Porcelain stoneware by Eco Ceramica for underfloor heating

Porcelain stoneware it is undoubtedly the most suitable floor for underfloor heating systems . Being a thin coating, only 8/10 mm thick, the heat can be spread constantly and homogeneously. The size of the slabs is not so important, as it can totally depend on your personal taste, but it is important that the joints not are too thick , as these can cause heat loss and are not suitable for this type of heating.Among our floors most suitable for this type of heating, we therefore recommend the lines with large rectified formats:

The heating system with Ecologica terracotta

The latest news regarding underfloor heating concerns the use of terracotta. Since it is a biological material , composed of natural raw materials, such as earth, fire, water and air, it follows that it can be used with heating systems without any fear that they will be spread polluting substances in the home.

Obviously, if you want to lay terracotta from Ecologica above over heating systems, it is important to use ecological glues or natural lime , the latter not only completely free of harmful substances, but also able to increase the conduction of the heat. Although this seems like a discovery, the ancient Romans have always used terracotta to heat floors.

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